Monday, December 13, 2010


i do believe i am confusing my kids to no end. when asked, i tell them i don't believe in santa...after all, i want them to know that the real story of christmas is the one i've been promoting this whole time and that i didn't lie to them about it. however, i still play into the santa thing with them. i have the elf on the shelf that comes to check on them everyday and reports back to santa at night. i move it to a new spot every night after they are in bed just so they know he did his duties and their requests were passed on to the big man. i have to say, it really is fun watching joe change his location. he comes back giggling about where he hid it....i love it.

anyway...i tell them there is no santa and yet i am doing things to make them think there IS a santa....they will no doubt need some therapy someday...


  1. You're so funny! I'm doing the same thing. I don't even talk about santa but b/c he is everywhere, Abigail has already bought in. I'm daily reminding her whose birthday it is and why we celebrate it. It is crazy how much glory santa gets and how very little Jesus gets.

  2. What I use to tell you guys was that Santa was a wonderful person that we all like to pretend about, even grown-ups, and that the Santa we pretend about brings gifts to children everywhere to remind them of the greatest gift we were ever given, etc, etc. It seemed to work and there was a seamless transition to the reality when they were old enough to understand. I never lied, but you all never missed out on the fun of Santa.

    And I didn't come up with all that, I read it somewhere and applied it when the time came....none of us knows what we're doing in the parenting department...just ask Josh - he'll tell you how we screwed you all up!

  3. Ha ha ha. I love it! My kids haven't yet asked me if I believe in Santa. Guess I'll have to 'fess up then...I like what your mom said. I think I'll go with that answer.