Thursday, December 16, 2010

my heart can break now....

so yesterday at school the girl sitting next to lucy puked at her desk. first of all...ew....second of all...ew. well, apparently lucy was pretty upset about it. not because it was gross but because her friend was sick. she went and talked to her teacher about it and had tears in her eyes out of concern for her friend. then when i spoke to her later i found out why she was so upset. my dear sweet lucy was so upset that her friend was going to have a tough night of throwing up. i guess she just assumed that everyone has to deal with what she does...and to her it was very sad to think of her poor friend going through that too.....doesn't that just break your heart?????


  1. It does. And I totally identify. When I was volunteering at the hospital a couple weeks ago I found a woman crying in the hallway outside the Breast Center and asked if I could help her. She had just found out she had breast cancer and I cried with her, knowing what she was in for. And I didn't even know her. I dread hearing it some day when its a good friend....

  2. Awww. What a tender heart Lucy has.

  3. My little Lu. :'( I miss your kids so much - it hurts a little when I hear a story like this! Wish we lived closer :(