Friday, October 29, 2010

time with lucy

i am having so much fun during my afternoons alone with lucy! sometimes we nap, sometimes we shop, get errands done...whatever. it doesn't matter...we always have fun! she is a different kid when she is one on one and i am so grateful for this time with her! i will also be happy next year when they are all full day but i will live in the now....

yesterday we went outside because it was gorgeous out! i had plenty to do inside but i wanted to watch her play on the swings for awhile. i brought my people magazine out and sat to read but was freezing so i joined her in the sun...the lighting was perfect for some are some of she photogenic (sp?) or what??? maybe i'm just partial.....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


so it's my first full day without facebook and i feel a little sad and yet relieved that i don't know everyone's happenings for the day up to the minute detail of their lives. suddenly i have more time in the morning. the kids are watching their one tv show for the morning and soon i can pack lunches and get them ready. what cracks me up the most is everyone acting like this is such a big deal. i got so many phone calls and emails and texts wondering if i was okay!!! wow...facebook is such a part of our society now i guess that something MUST be wrong with me for me to want to cancel my account. FUNNY!!!!

hopefully next year when the kids are full day i'll get back into the world of facebook but for now, i need to focus on more important life is too crazy this year to add one more thing to it.

i will update my blog as much as i can with pictures and just mundane things that happen around our house. like today lucy and i are heading to the pumpkin patch for her field trip. it should be a fun morning and then this afternoon i am heading to NJ to visit cassandra for the day!!! i can't wait to see her and i'm sure we'll have a fun dinner out together....not to mention the shopping beforehand.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

even the littlest things...

last week in bible study i struggled to come up with a prayer request. i really wanted to come up with one because i didn't want to be prideful and say my life was is far from that...well...not too far...i do love my life...but i wanted to find something that i am struggling with and share it with friends. so finally i came up with something. i find that i am getting grumpy with the driving to and from school all of the time. it's an easy drive but the fact that i have to drive it three times a day is wearing on me. so i shared that with my friends and went on my merry way to go pick up lucy (drive #2 of my day). i really want to have a joyful heart in all that i do and it was bugging me that i was getting so discouraged and complaining so much about that drive. i's my JOB! i want to be home with my kids...i want them to be at a christian school...what is my problem?????
later that week i found myself sitting in the end of the day car line having a few extra minutes to spare. i looked around and realized i forgot my book...but...i did have my bible and my workbook that had not made their way out of my car yet. i picked them up and managed to get three questions done and what do you know? i was suddenly in a better mood already! i did the same thing the next few days. my homework was fun to do and put me in a great spirit when those kids came running to the car.
it didn't hit me until about a day ago that this is exactly what i had asked for prayer about. suddenly i had chills when i realized that God is not too big for my little requests. He wanted me to be in the right spirit and He wanted me to be in His of's a win win! i am just always amazed at the way He works in my life and it certainly is a better place when i am open to what He has to teach me.