Wednesday, February 10, 2010


the snow we have been getting is just crazy! the last time i remember getting this much snow was about 7 years ago. we were living in the carriage house then and daisy was about six or seven months old. she wouldn't stop crying and seemed to be in pain but i didn't know what was wrong. thankfully my parents were visiting and my mother suggested it might be an ear infection. i called the dr but there was too much snow for anyone to meet me in the office. i would've walked there if i thought someone would see me. we had to wait until the next day to find out that daisy had a double ear infection. i won't ever forget that!
today i am watching about eight inches fall on the two or three feet we already have. it's so beautiful. i love watching it fall and being stuck inside. it gives our busy family an excuse to chill and be together and watch movies and play games and have fun! not to mention, get laundry done, clean the house and all of that fun stuff too! for these reasons i love the snow. if it keeps me away from going to see my family this weekend i will be slightly annoyed at it...but for now i will enjoy it and hope that we can get plowed out enough for the kiddos to have school on friday. i'm sure God finds some humor in my plans.