Friday, January 21, 2011

happy birthday tucker!!

i am so excited to celebrate tucker's 6th birthday!!!! it has snowed every year on his birthday since the day he was born...isn't that funny?? today we are blessed (i think) with a two hour delay. we can take our time to get to school and enjoy our morning together.

from the day tucker was born, he was a breath of fresh air. he was calm, happy, a good sleeper, and oh so easy to please. i remember when he was three weeks old and he had to have his emergency surgery. i remember praying over his little tiny body (already over 11 pounds) and being in awe at how much i was already so in love with this little guy. he had stolen my heart!! i remember the doctors told me i couldn't feed him until after his surgery. so from 1 in the afternoon until 9 at night tucker learned to suck on his pacifier for the first time and never complained once. i'll never forget that...

since then he has grown into one of the nicest kids i know. he has such a heart for his family, his friends, and God. he amazes me with his patience and his kind spirit. he lets people be who they are and gets a kick out of different personalities. he really has taught me a lot about acceptance.

tucker loves to talk about the bible and God and heaven. he can always get me to cry when he asks if i get excited to see my grandmas up in heaven someday. this kid knows what's important!!

happy birthday my sweet tucker! i love you more than you'll ever know....