Thursday, December 16, 2010

my heart can break now....

so yesterday at school the girl sitting next to lucy puked at her desk. first of all...ew....second of all...ew. well, apparently lucy was pretty upset about it. not because it was gross but because her friend was sick. she went and talked to her teacher about it and had tears in her eyes out of concern for her friend. then when i spoke to her later i found out why she was so upset. my dear sweet lucy was so upset that her friend was going to have a tough night of throwing up. i guess she just assumed that everyone has to deal with what she does...and to her it was very sad to think of her poor friend going through that too.....doesn't that just break your heart?????

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i hate my fish. everytime one dies i run out and get a new one as if it is something my kids will die without. i hate cleaning the tank and i put it off until we can't tell if the fish is even in the bowl. i love pets, and i don't mind cleaning cages but for some reason that fish is pointless to me. it doesn't do anything, we can't hold it or cuddle with it, and we can't love on it. so stupid...

lucy was pounding on the bowl today wondering if the fish was alive. i was hoping it wasn't but sure enough...eventually it moved. ugh....after this one goes (and i hope that's soon) we are done with fish in this house.

Monday, December 13, 2010


i do believe i am confusing my kids to no end. when asked, i tell them i don't believe in santa...after all, i want them to know that the real story of christmas is the one i've been promoting this whole time and that i didn't lie to them about it. however, i still play into the santa thing with them. i have the elf on the shelf that comes to check on them everyday and reports back to santa at night. i move it to a new spot every night after they are in bed just so they know he did his duties and their requests were passed on to the big man. i have to say, it really is fun watching joe change his location. he comes back giggling about where he hid it....i love it.

anyway...i tell them there is no santa and yet i am doing things to make them think there IS a santa....they will no doubt need some therapy someday...

Friday, December 3, 2010


if you want some good perspective on life....check out a blog i've been following. this is a family that attends our church and only recently did i meet them when i got to bring them dinner one night. they seem pretty stinking amazing.....