Sunday, December 20, 2009

the christmas story

we were thrilled that the kids' colds didn't prevent them from performing in their christmas program at school. the preschool that they attend always puts on the cutest little shows! as we were sitting at dinner last night and the kids were talking about believing in santa i asked them if they knew what the real christmas story was about. i was shocked when they gave me every detail of mary and joseph traveling to bethlehem and giving birth to jesus.
i am also realizing that scripture is playing a valuable part in their everyday lives. when i was putting lucy to bed last night there was strong winds still from the snow and her room by far is the noisiest with the wind. i reminded her that we wanted her to stay in her bed all night long and she said, "but i will be scared." then all of a sudden she remembered that she didn't have to be scared. she put her finger up in front of her and said "fear not! God is always with you."
my prayer is that they always get excited to learn more about God and to read their bibles. it's a little selfish on my part because i am always learning new things from them and they way they look at scripture. i love seeing the joy on their faces when hearing a new story about Jesus.
have a merry christmas everyone!!!!