Monday, September 6, 2010

we survived

we did great during the first week of school!! the schedule with driving to and from three times a day is exhausting for me but i keep telling's just a year. next year they will all be full time and i'll probably long for these days having at least one of them home with me again. i got to have some alone time with lucy and some alone time with tucker this week. it was great. all three of them LOVE their new school. and i had to laugh when driving home tucker started singing "swing low sweet chariot." what a funny song for a little kid to sing. but he was belting it out in the back seat and loving the fact that he got to go to a chapel at school!
my sis and her family are here right now sleeping. i am sad that they are leaving today. we've had such a fun weekend and i know the kiddos have enjoyed seeing their cousins!!!
tomorrow we are back to the grind again....and i think the one lesson i have learned is to delegate some driving responsibilities to my hubby on the afternoons he is home.