Saturday, August 29, 2009

the poor store

so today i had the chance to go to what my dear friend carrie calls "the poor store." she calls it the poor store because you can shop there even when you are poor. it really is called BB's grocery outlet. it is about a half hour from our house and is self labeled "off the beaten path." carrie has been raving about this place since the day i met her last august and i've wanted to go along but it just hasn't worked out. so we made a date of it this week because she really wanted me to see it.
the store carries bent boxes, dented cans, even cases of drinks where the outer plastic, that holds all of the drinks together, has come loose.

it was more than i could've imagined. it rocked!! there were rows and rows of groceries all at major discounts. i was nervous that i wouldn't be able to find organic stuff...i had no need to be nervous. there was organic stuff everywhere. i got Annie's mac and cheese for $.50 a box!!! i stayed away from things that were expired and none of my boxes had smashes or dents. needless to say i loaded up my grocery cart with boxes of snacks, drinks, taco kits (for $.50), and even personal hygiene products all for $56!!!!! i was amazed. even joe couldn't believe how little everything cost when he saw it all laid out on the counter tops.

anyone that knows me knows i love a good sale and a great deal. This store calmed the sale beast inside of me for a long long time. but i still can't wait to go back!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a lump in my throat...

when i consider this upcoming school year coming towards me at the speed of a jet at top speed, i get sick to my stomach. i can't believe that i will have all three kids in school for three mornings a week. this day seemed so far away only a few years ago and now that it is upon me, i don't want it! i love having my kids at home. i do know that it will really only be 9 hours a week that i will have to find something to do with myself. i also know that finding something to do will not be that difficult. it is my goal to get things done so when the little ones come home my attention is all theirs.
i've toyed with putting in an application at lowes. i want a job that doesn't require training and that i don't have to take home with me. i also want a discount at a store that i frequent. i don't think this is the year for a job but i know that day is coming and i am ready for it. i am not a good stay at home mom if there is nobody here. i will be bored out of my mind.
anyway, when i think of how little i will see my precious daisy is makes me cry. once we add in piano lessons and brownies for her, then choir once a week for joe and i, it makes for a very busy week. last year daisy was in our church AWANA group and she loved every minute of it. she would learn her bible verses and sing fun songs. i am selfish with my time with her though so after much prayer and discussion we've decided not to send her back there this year. instead we purchased a couple of dinnertime devotional books that we can use everynight with all the kids around the table while we are eating. i think it's something important and it's even more important that we do it together and are home and not rushing around to the next thing.
some days i am ready for school to begin.....and then others i get a rising lump in my throat. i just have to trust in God's plan for me and where he will lead me. i know i am meant to be right here right now and i have to be open for what's to come! change is good....