Saturday, March 28, 2009


i was lucky enough this week to catch up with some of my favorite cousins! not many families are lucky enough to grow up as close to their cousins as i did. we were close in proximity but also close friends! i love each one of them and get excited about seeing them. i had the opportunity today to see the same love for a cousin in my kids' eyes. i brought my nephew silas home with me to PA and oh boy were my kids excited to see him. what a gift family is!!

thanks mom for a great week and for being such a trooper. i had so much fun and as much as i enjoy our recuperating visits with each other i hope we don't have another one for awhile.

thanks amanda for letting me take your precious silas! i will take care of him very carefully as he is so special to me and my family!

Monday, March 16, 2009

rock eternal

yesterday we piled in the car and headed to church for the 11 service. it was a rare occasion that i actually got to listen to the service instead of serving in the 2 year old room where lucy attends. it was an amazing service about fasting and praying. joe and i came home wondering what we could fast for the next 12 weeks. food? joe says no...he can't do that. computer? hhhmm...can liz do that? we know the point of it is to hunger for God instead of the material item and God will fill our needs. working out? that would be too easy. we'll come up with something. i have a feeling it will be along the lines of tv, computer or food. i'll keep you posted.

i was asking daisy about her church service. she went into detail about mary and martha and i was quite impressed with what she remembered. she went on to sing me a new song that they had learned. "Our Lord is a rocky turtle, a rocky turtle!" i'm sure she meant a rock eternal...and that He is!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

getting started

daisy and i are trying to figure out a way to start this blog. the first thing everyone should know is that i never use caps unless i am talking about God. i just think lowercase looks cooler. weird...i know. i am not the best writer by any sense. i tend to just blurt things out in no particular order but i wanted to do this blog for a number of reasons. first, so i could keep family and friends updated on our lives. secondly, so i could remember funny things or meaningfull conversations between my kids and me and joe. we hope you enjoy!