Saturday, November 7, 2009

the big purge

the purge of my house is going great!! i have already gone through the whole kitchen and my coat closet. i sent a box of items to joe's office on the off chance that someone there might want some of my castoffs. joe said within a minute the stuff was gone. yayee! i love recycling.
my next area will be the basement. i will be sending my old plates to joe's office for the girls to use for lunches there. apparently they have been looking for some cheap microwavable plates anyway so this is a perfect fit. as soon as the basement is done then comes the garage. that starts to get overwhelming so i am sticking with the basement in my vision. one step at a time.
this has been fun and i have been ruthless with getting rid vs. keeping. all of a sudden i have lots of space in my kitchen cabinets.
i'll post some pix soon.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

the happiest people

i recently watched an episode of oprah that showed the happiest people in the world. they had traveled all the way to denmark to feature them on the show. i noticed one common theme in the people's lives that they followed....the absence of STUFF. there houses were tiny!!! but their houses were so clean and had no clutter. one husband even said to oprah "less room, less stuff, more life" i LOVE that.

i am inspired to get rid of stuff. in the near future i will be clearing out my house, room by room. i will start with my kitchen cabinets because our new flooring is being installed in a few weeks and i would love to not schlep stuff around that doesn't even belong back in my cabinets. do i need three sets of plates? one set for the kids, one set for us, one set for the basement? no way...i will be getting rid of one set...i will be getting rid of mugs, glasses we never use, gadgets, cookie cutters, platters, cupcake tins....i am getting excited just thinking about it.

when we first moved in i remember being so excited about all of the space in the house...why is it that now i need more storage? hhhhmmmm....hopefully i won't feel that way after my big purge. wish me luck!!