Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the dark ages

ugh...no facebook. i guess i'll just blog. apparently somebody hacked into my facebook account and was asking people for money. one of my friends called to tell me...he said he was worried that i was in trouble until i asked for money...then he knew something was up. he said, "can't she just call joe's parents?" funny...
what should i blog about?? i guess i'll just a quick update on all of my kids.
daisy is in second grade and enjoying every single day of it. i am so proud of the little lady she is becoming. i've caught some glimpses of some negativity creaping out in her and i know it comes directly from me. i know they are words i have spoken and am now trying to change. i want to be a great model for her. daisy is quick to make friends and wants to make people happy. she is also really good at standing her ground if she knows something isn't right.
tucker is in 4 year old preschool. he will be 5 in january and is finally coming out of the f'ing fours. he has been a trial this year to say the least. learning how to push people's buttons is one of his specialties. we are seeing his kindness coming back and i love watching him take care of his sisters. he hates to see anyone upset. he loves school and God...he especially loves learning about God in school. i am toying with sending him to the private school he is attending now for kindergarten next year. i think he would really do well with a smaller class size and in a calm atmosphere.
lucy (deep breath being taken) is lucy. she is completely wonderfully hysterical and weird and mean and nice and entertaining. whew...she is an emotional roller coaster. she is gradually learning how to listen and obey but she is exhausting. she can make me scream and laugh out loud all in the same minute. she keeps us on our toes and i LOVE her for that! she is a challenge for me but i have a sinking feeling this is only the beginning. we will probably have a few great years and then BOOM in comes a lunatic teenager. i could be completely wrong about this but who knows...i am preparing myself as best i can.
joe and i are doing great too. his practice is booming and we are starting some home improvements in our family room this month. after daisy's last diagnosis of pneumonia we decided to rip up some carpets and install hardwood. that is being done over thanksgiving. after much discussion we decided to rip out our trim and repaint also. it will be a long time project but worth it in the end. i will have to post some pix through the process.
we are very blessed and we know it. we praise God all the time for the wonderful gifts he has given us.