Friday, July 30, 2010

almost over

i can't believe our vacation is almost over. we leave in two days and it feels like we've only been here for two minutes. we haven't done any of our usual adventures like the aquarium or the children's museum or the game farm. we've just been content getting to the beach, the bay or the pool and of course hanging with family! some of our family i haven't even seen yet!!!! how does a whole month go so quickly???

i love my time in east hampton, not because of the location but because it is time with my family. my kids get to play with their cousins as much as they want, and i get to see my siblings, parents, cousins and friends in a non-rushed atmosphere. it's such a luxury that i have and i hope i get to do it ever year. we're on year eight now so i think it will probably stick. i even tried to talk daisy into living up here someday so joe and i can get a summer house and spend the whole summer up here. ha! we shall see how that goes...daisy seemed into the idea. :)

i am excited to get back home though. i miss my bed, my coffee, my friends and my YMCA. but once i'm back there i will miss my fam again.....oh well...there's always next year!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

nothing new to report

first and foremost...lucy is doing amazingly well! she doesn't even complain about her head hurting and she is less and less nervous about her scar now. she plays normally and can keep up with all of the other kids. what a blessing!!!

VBS is going on at my parent's church this week. i am in charge of leading the music and teaching the kids all of the "moves". it's been really fun and i think everyone helping out has a great team spirit. we are all getting into and laughing a lot. it's really fun to see the kids having such a great time but even more fun seeing the adults enjoy themselves too! saturday night after the week at church is over my parents are hosting a staff party at their house. but..joe comes tonight to stay for the weekend so i am hoping that we can go out saturday night to celebrate our ninth anniversary (which is on the 21st) to our favorite restaurant! i will leave the kids at my parent's party and head out on a date with joe. i am drooling right now thinking of the garlic knots and pasta that we will get...and an added bonus of being able to sit and talk to each other...we can take as long as we want!

right now i am watching my nephews for my sis...they are so cute and super easy so i am blogging while they play really well with my kiddos. maybe i have to start a project in her house...i've learned that i have a hard time sitting still too long. i always like to have a project to tackle. i'm getting excited now just thinking about it....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

so stinking hot!!

this weather is just crazy but boy am i glad i don't have to be cooped up inside because of the heat. i can run to the bay or beach or pool and that works just fine. i'm hoping this weekend will be a bit better because joe is coming out tonight. but the biggest surprise of all is that his DAD is coming out too!!!! i never thought anyone from his family would make it out this way again after our wedding. they are so busy with their own stuff that i didn't even think it interested them to come out. so i am really excited that joe's dad is coming (hopefully they are on their way right now) and they are bringing a sailboat with them on a trailer!!! this should be a super fun weekend. it's always extra fun when joe is here on a weekend because the kids are excited to see him and so am i.
today at the beach it was gorgeous! it was one of those days that you wish you could bottle up and remember forever. the kids were happy, the water was warm, and it was just perfect. thank you God that even in this heat we can remember how amazing you are!!! creation is an awesome thing.
i'm having fun with the kids this week but i find myself getting frustrated with how spoiled they act sometimes. i hate getting eyes rolled at me because i packed the wrong sandwich, or when i buckle a seat belt the wrong way. i try to be patient so i can help them learn patience but boy is it hard sometimes.
i'm hoping that next week i can meet up with some high school friends to catch up with them and their kiddos! i'll post some pix soon as i have so many good ones that it's hard to choose.
update on lucy: she is doing great!!! yesterday and today she hasn't even mentioned her head hurting. that is huge!!!!! she has been happier and just been able to keep up with everyone else. we are trying to get her to swim by herself in the pool and she is enjoying that extra special attention. i did call the dr today because she has been complaining about leg pain around bedtime. they didn't seem too concerned so i am going with that and not thinking about it again. it's hard not to think that something might go wrong because her recovery has been too perfect. that's where i fail in my faith for sure....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

how spoiled was i???

how spoiled was i that i got to grow up so close to the beach? i love the beach and it kills me when the kids complain that we are going there again!!! the nerve of me to make them go to that horrible place! just kidding...they are troopers. i think they just don't like the hassle of getting ready but to me it's totally worth it. i even love being sunburned!!
today we took a day to hang out inside and rest. we needed it! we've been going going going for about two weeks now so we watched movies and napped. then after dinner we headed to the beach for a bonfire. tucker went in the water a little and then when it got cold we headed home. now the kiddos are watching a movie cuddled up in tucker's bed together. i love the summer. i love not having a routine and i love for them not to have to worry about bedtimes.
tomorrow we are having a family picnic which i'm excited about! i love getting together with the family...that's what's most important right?
lucy is doing well...she complains a little here and there but i can't remember when i gave her tylenol last. she could probably stand to have it at least once a day but she hates taking it now (power struggle) so i just let her go without.
joe got home safely today and we sure will miss him until he comes back on friday! we hate when he leaves but we do still have fun! i'm off to rest for awhile while the kids watch their movie...gotta get it while i can.