Monday, September 28, 2009


my mom just left today after visiting for a week. we had such a nice visit which makes it that much harder to say goodbye. i love when my family comes to visit but it's a tough reminder of how much i miss them. my brother who was just here for a night, managed to make me laugh so hard i couldn't breathe. we fall right into step when we are together. my dad makes me feel like his little girl again and i can't help but have a little pity party when everyone leaves. here i am all along in pa.....
i'm not really alone here because i am blessed to live near joe's family. i always cringe when i hear couples complaining about splitting holidays between two families. i would love to have that opportunity because it would mean that all of my loved ones were close. it's hard to be's hard to not let my kids know that sometimes i'm sad.
right now i'm hearing crazy playing and laughter in the other room and that's all i need to cheer me up right now.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

sick kids

whenever one of my kids is sick, it's such a nice reminder of how lucky i am. for the most part, they are healthy, happy little kids. my mind always goes to parents that have to deal with sick kids ALL the time. hospitals, doctors, tests, far so good for us that we don't have that on a daily basis.

check out this blog
this is a lady that is really hurting. she lost her daughter, tuesday, months ago. tuesday was one of her twin daughters. it's a heartbreaking blog but she needs prayer right now.

i think i'll go and hug my kids.