Wednesday, May 25, 2011

just an update

i feel like it's been SO long since i've blogged. life has been so busy for us but in a really good way. the kids are really enjoying school and so am i!! i have made their lives, my life for the last 9 years and that is especially true this year. i love knowing what's going on at school and with their friends, and with their teachers. next year this will be key as my youngest, lucy, is heading off to full day, everyday kindergarten. it will be an adjustment but it's the next season and we need to just go with it....i say as i wipe tears from my eyes....
we are super excited for school to end soon and to head to the beach. the weather is getting hot and it just doesn't feel right playing in grass...we need to be in the sand!! i can't wait to see my kids get all brown with little white rear ends...i know it's not healthy but it sure is cute!
i'm sure when we get to the beach i will have tons more to blog about...but for now it's the same old thing. school, play, homework, activities, and sleep!

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