Thursday, November 18, 2010


we had the BEST time on our trip to NYC!!! the kids had off school on friday so joe took off too and we drove to NJ and took a train into the city. our first stop was to rockefeller plaza to see the rockettes!! the kids loved the show and so did i...this pic is them getting ready for the 3-D part of the show....and joe in the background...clearly he was excited too.

then from there we headed right over to the american girl museum to get julie's hair done. apparently you need to get your doll's hair done more than we do because we got a lot of comments about how messy julie was....well...excuse me for having children that like to play with their toys!!

while we were at the doll museum the boys went to the lego store...shopped...and still had time to get back to us before we were done in the salon!

then we all ventured over to "top of the rock" and it was awesome! it was joe's idea and i have to give him full credit for it because it was so great! we could see everything from up there. the kids were the most excited about one certain thing though. one of their favorite books is The Great Gray Bridge and the Little Red Lighthouse. it's about the george washington bridge that was built over this little red from the top of the rock we saw the bridge and then screamed with excitement when we saw the lighthouse too!

from there we went to eat our one and only meal at TGI fridays and then walked many blocks back to the train to go back to NJ. we were all tired but really excited to see Carlos Bakery a.k.a The Cake Boss from TLC. there was about a ten minute wait outside the store and it was packed inside. daisy and i were the lucky ones to wait and go in seeing as nobody else really cared at all. daisy and i had a great time though. we were such tourists and we got so giddy with excitement. once our order was in we high fived and just had so much fun together. daisy even got to take a picture with buddy's sister, madelyne. we ordered a crumb cake (we heard in the line how amazing it was) some italian cookies (none with jelly) and a cake that we always see on the tv show. the cookies were okay but the crumb cake and the cake really were worth every minute of waiting and the whole trip in. they were SO good!

as soon as we got home lucy wanted to try out her new apron. so even though we had had enough sweets, she and joe made some s'mores bars....which i ended up eating half of...ugh...

we ended up having a great family weekend together!!!


  1. Sounds like so much fun and such great memories - I'm totally jealous!

  2. How fun!!! Glad you guys had such a great time. We can't wait to see you sometime. Ben and I were just talking about a date for 2011! :)